02 — Who we are

Educational Access

“The world is increasingly divided between the jobs that demand digital skills and those that don’t — and the ones that don’t are falling behind.”

Crunched by the Numbers: The Digital Skills Gap in the Workforce, Burning Glass Technologies, March 2015

Technology is having have a direct and consequential impact on all industries; digital and technical knowledge is quickly becoming a core component of most roles.

We believe that everyone should have access to the skills needed for this century’s labor force. And those skills will be rooted in digital fluency.

The courses and programs of the EPFL Extension School are designed to get you on the path from digital literacy, to competency, to mastery – no matter your starting point. Our courses and programs are open for enrollment for anyone, with no educational pre-requisites whatsoever.

But the bar we set is high; this is an EPFL-quality education, and it requires commitment and effort to succeed. We will provide you with direct instructor contact and support, so you can ask questions, get clarification, and improve your comprehension as you work through the course materials. Our goal is to give you the resources you need to successfully complete each course.