Our sponsors contribute towards specific goals of the EPFL Extension School, ranging from increasing the number of programs we offer to working towards gender parity in our learner community to providing financial support to learners in need. Contact us to learn how sponsorship of the EPFL Extension School can help your organization make a difference.

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The EPFL Extension School is very pleased to be sponsored by the swissUp Foundation, established by Daniel Borel, co-founder of Logitech. Convinced of the importance of high-quality education, Borel created swissUp to support excellence in training and education in Switzerland.

For Borel, a new era has begun: education which is independent of infrastructure and which can be adapted to the challenges of organization of professional life. “The EPFL Extension School will allow more people to have access to these programs, in the subjects that are shaping the economy of tomorrow, without the need to stop working” he said.

Our mission is simple: enabling everyone to learn the skills necessary to benefit from the opportunities of the digital age.

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