06 — Enrollment

Privacy & Transparency

"I think that no matter what profession or interest you will pursue in the future, a technological understanding of the digital world is going to be crucial - just like reading and writing was for the 19th century."

Martin Vetterli, EPFL president

Data protection is a matter of confidence and your trust is important to us. We respect Swiss data protection legislation when we collect or use any data relating to your personal information, as detailed below and in our specific privacy policy covering enrolled learners. Your personal details are treated confidentially and only shared with third parties where necessary to provide services to you or to comply with Swiss law.

As part of our enrollment process, as well as when you are taking part in coursework for any of our courses, you will be asked at various times to identify yourself. We do this to meet our legal obligation of ensuring that the person who enrolls in the course is the person who is doing the coursework. Ways in which we ask you to identify yourself may include asking you to show a government-issued photo ID, take a selfie, or type a string of text. Our privacy policy and specific rules for each of our certificate programs have more details about our identification and authentication procedures, and you will have the chance to review them before you confirm your enrollment as a learner.

While enrolled in each course, you will be posting your work and your questions and comments in the online forum as yourself, using a display name/alias which you have created when you enroll. You don’t have to use your name as the name that is visible within the learning platform, but we do not allow any anonymous postings.

While you are a learner with the EPFL Extension School, we’ll provide you with a personal EPFL Extension School e-mail address, allowing you to register for services with our partner service providers, such as GitHub and Infomaniak, without providing your private e-mail address to them. The EPFL Extension School e-mail account will be deleted when you are no longer enrolled in any EPFL Extension School course or program.

We maintain the same rules of integrity, honesty, and tolerance in our virtual class environment as we have on campus. Cheating, plagiarism and/or harassment will not be tolerated and will be grounds for termination from the program.

We collect aggregated, anonymized data through our web site and our learner platform for research and analysis purposes. We do not share this data with any third parties outside of the services providers we need for our research and analysis.

If you are enrolled through your company, we may be required to share details of your enrollment, including course progress and grades, with your employer. Please check with your HR department as to their policies if you intend to enroll with company support.