06 — Enrollment


"The ultimate end of education is not a perfection in the accomplishments of the school, but fitness for life.... We have no right to withhold from any one the opportunities for developing all their faculties."

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Swiss educational reformer

Enrollment in the EPFL Extension School is covered by a monthly fee. This fee allows you to have access to high-quality content, personalized one-on-one support of 30 minutes each week with a course instructor, as well as access to all the online support tools in the EPFL Extension School learning platform. It also ensures that you have personalized feedback on all your project work from a qualified instructor.

The expected length of time needed to complete a course or program is indicated below and also in the description of each specific course or program. You may find you work faster or slower than the average indicated in the description.

For more information on the coursework and enrollment dates, you can use the links below to access individual course and program pages.