06 — Enrollment

Enrollment Process

"When people say we need more engineers and more IT specialists, I say no! We need more digital marketers, digital communications specialists, digital economists! Digital is coming into all the jobs we know."

Ruedi Noser, Swiss parliamentarian, September 2017

When a course or program is open for enrollment, you will be able to start the process directly from the course or program page by clicking on the "Enroll Now!" button on the left hand sidebar of the course or program page. You’ll be taken to our secure enrollment site, where you will need to provide the following information:

  • Personal information including your name, current address and date of birth;
  • Valid credit card details;
  • Valid form of government-issued, photo ID that matches your registration name. In general, we accept passports and driver’s licenses.

Once you have enrolled and are participating in the course, you will need to use the same ID for verification at specific milestones with each course, as we are required by law to ensure that the person who has registered for the course or program is in fact the learner who is doing the coursework.

Enrollment Periods

Because our courses and programs offer direct access to the instructor and instructor-graded results, we limit the number of learners enrolled at any given time and admit new learners on a rolling basis.

Each course and program page has details indicating the next expected enrollment date to help you anticipate when you can expect to start your studies.

Once you've registered for a program or course, we hold your place in the enrollment queue, providing you with updates as your expected start date nears.

Applicant Requirements

There are no academic pre-requisites whatsoever to enroll in any of our courses or programs.

Technology Requirements

Our courses and programs are designed to be completed entirely online, so you can follow the coursework from anywhere in the world provided you have a computer and a sufficient internet connection. You will need to be able to stream videos (with sound), and to effectively participate in video chats, so you will need to have a minimum bandwidth of 2Mbps download / 512kbps upload.