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Foundations of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust

299 USD per month 150 hours
  • Self-paced, online learning
  • Beginner skill level
  • Personalized support
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This beginner-level course gives you knowledge, vocabulary and approaches which can help you be more secure online and protect digital privacy. With written lessons, regular quizzes and in-depth case studies, you’ll gain a broad understanding of the language and techniques for more secure use of the internet.

These course details are subject to change; please refer to the course outline at the time of registration.

Course Details

  • Fundamentals of security and privacy to make you safer online
  • The files, communications, and protocols that make things work on the Internet
  • What privacy, security and trust mean in the modern digital world
  • How to manage computer and devices, operating systems and software
  • Creating and managing passwords
  • The risks presented in messaging, e-mails and other forms of online communication
  • Types of encryption and other cryptography
  • Configuring home WiFi networks and connected devices
  • Choosing and controlling internet browsers
  • Your data online
  • The data that you share


This course is taught at the beginner level. You should have the following tools, skills and abilities prior to registering for this course:

  • English at B1 level
  • A computer with a webcam and microphone and a minimum internet connection of 2Mbps download / 512kbps upload, enabling you to stream videos with sound and to effectively participate in video chats.

Course Developers and Instructors

  • Portrait photo of Neill

    Neill Pearman

    Course Developer

  • Portrait photo of Rumen

    Rumen Chikov

    Course Developer and Instructor