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50 Things You Need to Know About Data

299 USD per month 150 hours
  • Self-paced, online learning
  • Beginner skill level
  • Personalized support
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This introductory course is designed to provide you with solid, basic knowledge of the tools and technologies that you need to work with data.

These course details are subject to change; please refer to the course outline at the time of registration.

Course Details

  • What is Data?
  • Storing & Structuring Data
  • Getting Data and Interacting with Data
  • Cleaning Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Visualization of Data
  • Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence
  • Working as a Data Scientist
  • Data and Society


This course is taught at the beginner level. You should have the following tools, skills and abilities prior to registering for this course:

  • English at B1 level
  • A computer with a minimum internet connection of 2Mbps download / 512kbps upload, enabling you to stream videos with sound and to effectively participate in video chats.

Course developers

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